Semester Wrap-Up


I thought I should round out the semester’s blog postings by discussing some of the things I’ve learned this semester.

I’ve enjoyed this class very much.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up, never figuring that “digital narratives” could equal “telling stories.”  I don’t know what I thought I would encounter, but it turns out I just took a class in something I already enjoyed doing.  🙂

Sometimes I thought the tools we were required to use felt awkward, but I liked having the opportunity to stretch my wings a little bit–even if it felt so very good to go back to old familiar things like Adobe Premiere and YouTube.  It’s nice to have a few unusual tools in the toolbox that can be pulled out for unusual situations.  Plus now I have things I can recommend to other people who need online hosted solutions that are free or freeish.

Something I really enjoyed was the guest speakers, even if I didn’t get to hear all of them live.  It was cool to have professional (semi-, quasi-, or otherwise) giving up time just to talk to our class.  They were all interesting and I feel I am walking away with some really concrete, practical examples of good storytelling.

I think taking this class has inspired me in a couple of ways.  One, I am now the owner of a new video camera and I’ve already made arrangements to interview my grandmother when we travel to Texas this summer.  I will be more deliberate in gathering the stories of my family–moreso than just collecting birth and death certificates and trying to remember things that my older relatives tell me.  They are too important to me to let their stories die.  And two, my favorite favorite field trip this semester was to the StoryCorps website.  I think I will explore volunteering with StoryCorps, providing they have events I can get to.

Among all the classes I’ve taken in my life, this one was definitely at the top of the list of favorites!  Big props to our professor Phylise Banner, who guided us through the fascinating world of storytelling (and who made me briefly not hate ANGEL), and my classmates for sharing their own stories.